DIY aquaponic system

Our DIY Solar Aquaponic System

I am so glad to share this post with you today, as after over 3 years of research and tinkering, I was finally able to assemble my first solar powered aquaponic system. Check it out in the video below: In the video above, I walk you through our DIY Aquaponics System I built using scrap […]

hand held goat cow milking pump system

NEW! A Safe, User Friendly Hand Held Milking System!

I’m glad to report that finally, there’s an alternative to the Dansha Farms’ hand held milking system, a product that IMO should be outlawed for its inability to be adequately cleaned. You see, over a year ago, I purchased a hand held milking system from Dansha Farms trusting that the blob of polyurethane (used to […]

DIY 1500 Watt Solar Generator

DIY 1,500 Watt Solar Generator

Today, I built a solar generator using used parts I found on Craigslist, at flea markets and an auto auction. Everyone knows having an emergency generator is a must, but which one should you go for? A gas generator, or a solar generator? Since we already have a 3,500 Watt gas generator, and I believe […]

A Pen For Our Piglets

Boy, am-I glad the work week had begun! This weekend, using free lumber I get from a mattress manufacture, I built a ramp for our goats to help them get on top of their stalls where they can bask in the warm Florida sun, I also replaced our well’s pressure tank, and plumbed it after […]

baby chick

The Newest Addition to our Homestead – Chicks!

I give praises to God for the newest addition to our Florida homestead. Yesterday, the Lord blessed us with 2 chicks which we hatched after incubation for 3 weeks. We have more eggs in the incubator, mostly duck eggs. Above is a photo of our first chick. God willing, more will come which we plan […]

DIY 2ft Vertical Garden Using Plastic Bottles

Today, I went out and completed a small project that’s been on my mind for quite a while: A vertical garden! We’ll be growing either lettuce or strawberries in these DIY pots as they provide just the right spacing to allow for those smaller plants. Build your own Vertical Plastic Bottle Garden using the following: […]

DIY Solar Powered Self-Watering Hydroponic Garden

This video features an update on our DIY self-watering, solar powered hydroponic garden built using a few 2×4’s, 10 inch PVC drain pipes, 3 feet of garden hose and a solar water pump I bought on Amazon for under $15. All materials other than the solar water pump were purchased at a junk/lumber yard nearby […]

DIY Goat Milking Stand Using Free Wood Pallets

A simple yet effective way to build a milking stand for goats or sheep using free wood pallets. The only items that were purchased was a 3 1/2 inch bolt, nut and two washers used as pivot for the neck brace. Beside the wood pallets we got for free at the feed store, the milking […]

How To Build A Cinder Block Rocket Stove For Under $10

IMO, one of the most important aspect of homesteading involves off-grid stuff, like cooking. Today, I show you how to build a double burner cinder block rocket stove for under $10. I built this cinder block rocket stove using L-shape concrete blocks instead of the elusive H-shape blocks. I could not find round or square […]