Another Solar Solution: A 2,000 Watt Portable Solar Generator

Today, I built a solar generator using both new and used parts that are ISO 9001 and/or CE certified. Everyone knows having an emergency generator is a must, but which one should you go for? A gas generator, or solar generator?

Since I already have a 3,500 Watt gas generator, and I believe in having both, I’ve been collecting the parts I need to assemble a solar generator my family will rely on if we lose power, and for some reason, gasoline is not available.

More importantly, I use this solar generator daily to power my home office which in turn, save me money on my electric bill.

Here is the list of parts I used to build this portable solar generator:

+ Solar Panel (New $123.99 – No Need for Charge Controller)

+ Charge Controller (If Needed – New $11.69)

+ 2,000 Watt (4,000 Peak) Power Inverter (New $126.99)

+ (2) AGM Gel Batteries (New $208.60 each)

+ 50 Gallon Battery Box (New $71.47 )

+ AC Parts, Wiring, Ring Connectors (New $35.00)
Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware

Total approximate cost $800.00 (shipping NOT included)


If you plan on building this solar generator yourself, you should know solar generators, solar panels, batteries and power inverters pose a risk of electric shock. Do not connect or disconnect wires, terminals or plugs while the unit is under load current.

The plan is to connect the solar panel to the charge controller (if needed, if not then connect solar panel directly to battery), and in turn the charge controller to the battery onto which is connected the power inverter which powers your devices.

Should you decide to order the solar panel I linked to above, you won’t need a charge controller as the panel is a 12 Volt panel, unlike mine that’s a 20 Volt panel which forces me to use a charge controller that brings down the voltage to 12 Volts, the typical charge for car, solar and deep cycle batteries.

Thanks for watching, to God the glory!

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  1. Awesome build Daniel! I’ll get started on ordering parts and see if I can build one of these puppies myself. Much obliged and grateful.

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