Another Kid On The Block!


God blessed us with 2 more goat kids this weekend when Lilly, our newest nanny gave birth to two doelings (females) to add to our flock. Eventually, we’re hopeful these new does will bless us with fresh milk and goat kids of their own.

Over the past 7-8 years, we’ve been blessed with hundreds of gallons of fresh milk we drew daily from our goat nannies as well as our Holstein cow, Valerie who on her own gave us 3-5 gallons of raw cow’s milk every day of the week. (Merci Val! :)

So now, it’s on to another Spring time “Goat Festival” at Glorious Acres, that time of year when cuteness abounds and goat kid kisses sometimes aren’t as tender as they seem… :P

That’s Lilly below with one of her delightful new kids, the other lazy little stinker was sleeping by a tree trunk and could not be bothered to play along… :)

We are so immensely grateful to our Lord for two healthy goat kids who are both bringing so much joy to our homestead on many levels, for many different people including yours truly. IMO, the best possible animal therapy available on planet earth!

If you’ve never held a baby goat in your arms as it falls asleep, all warm and cuddly and smelling like the north side of the farm, you should give it a try… :P

Here’s one of the kids taking a nap before her next shift as a Joy Specialist, and your host @ Glorious Acres for all kinds of semi painful love from the cutest little creatures ever created by God!

Goat kids are just the cutest!!! #Blessed

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