pesticides coverup

Would You Like A Side Of Pesticides With That?

Did you know most fresh foods you eat contains toxic levels of pesticides? That’s right! Thanks to a rigged system, for decades the USDA has looked the other way when pesticides are concerned. Why? Because pesticides boost productivity and pesticides cause cancer as well as countless other terminal illnesses which in turn, drive the healthcare […]

Another Glorious Day On The Homestead

Yesterday was another epic day in our Florida homestead as we not only collected a glorious harvest from our gardens, our duck & chicken hens and our milking goats, but we also set a record for items purchased from our online store. From complete hand milking systems to hand milker lid assemblies, we shipped more […]

Homemade Goat Milk Cheese Curd Recipe

Today on the homestead, we set out to make cheese curd using goat milk we draw every morning and afternoon from our Alpine/Nubian nannies. Ingredients: 1/4 tsp Mesophilic A Cheese Culture 1/2 tsp Calcium Chloride Liquid (30%) prepared 1/2 tsp Rennet (microbial) dissolved in 1/4 cup distilled water 2 tsp Flaked Salt 1 Gallon Milk […]

DIY aquaponic system

Our DIY Solar Aquaponic System

I am so glad to share this post with you today, as after over 3 years of research and tinkering, I was finally able to assemble my first solar powered aquaponic system. Check it out in the video below: In the video above, I walk you through our DIY Aquaponics System I built using scrap […]

hand held goat cow milking pump system

NEW! A Safe, User Friendly Hand Held Milking System!

I’m glad to report that finally, there’s an alternative to the Dansha Farms’ hand held milking system, a product that IMO should be outlawed for its inability to be adequately cleaned. You see, over a year ago, I purchased a hand held milking system from Dansha Farms trusting that the blob of polyurethane (used to […]