NEW! A Safe, User Friendly Hand Held Milking System!

I’m glad to report that finally, there’s an alternative to the Dansha Farms’ hand held milking system, a product that IMO should be outlawed for its inability to be adequately cleaned.

You see, over a year ago, I purchased a hand held milking system from Dansha Farms trusting that the blob of polyurethane (used to hold the fittings onto the jar lid) was safe. After all, Dansha Farms owner Dan Beffa claimed the substance was indeed food grade, and when set became “safe.”

dansha farms hand held milking system blob

The Dansha Farms hand held milking system blob

Only trouble is, the epoxy like sustenance NEVER did set.

To this day, the polyurethane is somewhat soft to the touch, but more importantly, it’s now spongy and puts out such a foul stench, I had to come up with a solution to the problem.

Introducing the All NEW Glorious Acres Hand Held Milking System!

hand held goat cow milking pump system

My Fully Assembled, Ready To Milk System


All the glory to God who led me to the companies who manufacture the components of this milking system. Thanks to perseverance and God’s plan, I assembled my first hand held milking pump yesterday and am now able to replicate this process at will for discerning customers all over the world.

What sets my hand held milker from Dansha Farms’ and other similar devices out there?

Check under the lid for the answer…

Removable, Replaceable Food Grade Parts

Removable, Replaceable Food Grade Parts

Now, that’s ingenuity! It took me over a year to find the fittings I needed to replace the nasty blob that came along the Dansha Farms milking system. But now, I have these puppies up for sale on the Glorious Acres website and on eBay… Praises to God!


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  1. Very nice improvement on the Dansha Farms hand milker. I especially like how the lid parts can be taken apart, sanitized and cleaned. Job well done!

  2. I was just looking at your Hand Held Milking System and you’re 100% right when you say the Dansha Farms milker is not right when the owner claims the epoxy he uses will be safe when it sets as it never has for me in over a year of use. Your milking system is by far safer and I am glad someone came up with an alternative to the Dansha Farms milking system.

  3. Hello Daniel, I wanted to thank you for the milking machine I ordered. It’s working great and I’m surprised how simple it is to milk our nannies. Job well done!

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