Cutting Down A Dead Oak Tree On Glorious Acres

So today we were blessed to have our friend Jimmy bring his lumberjack tools and help us cut a dead oak tree down on our Florida homestead.

The tree was struck by lightning during a storm a few years back and it had become quite the widow maker on our property, so the chainsaws had to come out…

Jimmy made a wedge cut on the side of the tree where we wanted the trunk to lean, then he cut a straight line on the backside where we drove wedges through to tilt the tree, which eventually (after I hit one a few last times) fell precisely where we intended to drop it.

Although it was a bit windy, I was able to park my Holy Stone drone just north of the tree at approximately 70ft altitude and capture the entire thing on video. I sliced 3 minutes of the video and shared it here.

Now that the tree is down, we’ll be cutting it up for firewood which will come in very handy as we’re experiencing the coldest winter in Florida history!

Many thanks to Jimmy for his time and experience with homesteading and farming.


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