Meet Billy & Lilly: The Newest Arrivals On Glorious Acres!

Billy and Lilly - Our Newest Goats

Just this past weekend, we were blessed with two new goats on Glorious Acres named Billy, for the buck, and Lilly for the doe. The best part is, Lilly is already bred and she’s due to give us at least one kid before the winter, not that it matters in Florida… :P

Did you know we’ve been in the goat business for 7 years now? That’s right! We’ve sold goats and goat kids all over the place, from Miami all the way to Georgia!

These last two goats were given to us by folks who could no longer take care of them due to illness. We felt so blessed until… Billy broke 5 fence posts, climbed on top of and jumped the low fence then got into our neighbor’s pasture!

So, it turns out that Billy the Buck is a pro escape artist and an extreme screamer to boot! Don’t know what a screaming goat sounds like? Here’s some examples off YouTube:

Contrarily, Lilly is the most delightful little goat we’ve seen in years.

A Nigerian Dwarf (like Billy), she’s not as big as she looks. But, she’s got lovely eyes, bright and bold like her personality.

Both goats are healthy and have acclimated nicely with our other animals in their pasture with our two other does, Whoopsie and Stella, as well as our pleasant Paso Fino horse Casper.

Here are photos of each new goat “posing” on their newly owned stalls:

Billy, our goat buck!

That’s Billy, above, and Lilly below:

Lilly, our newest goat doe!

Our plan for the new goats is to have Billy do his job and breed both our other does, Whoopsie and Stella. Then depending on his personality, either keep him on our homestead, put him up for stud or if he’s too aggressive, give him to a family who needs a healthy buck.

We give praises to God for this new bloodline in our goat herd, and look forward to bringing glory to God by completing the work He continues to give us on our homestead, and beyond! #TGBATG

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