Massive Headaches – A Roundup Side Effect?

headaches from Roundup

At Glorious Acres, we try and feed our family the best food we can. Elizabeth and I have taken the time to educate ourselves and our daughters through thorough research on gardening, farming as well as holistic healing.

One look at our family tells quite a lot about the way we eat and of course, that we exercise regularly.

In recent years, my wife Elizabeth has transformed her nutritional habits to include mostly fruit and vegetables and very little, if any store bought or processed meats, taking in a large portion of her protein from our own farm fresh eggs and goat milk.

IMO, she’s been eating exceptionally well & incredibly healthy.

Or, so we thought…

You see, a few months ago Lizzy started getting debilitating headaches every single day, and experienced excruciating intestinal pain off and on. She went to see her doctor, had blood work & tests done, to no avail.

I asked myself for days “How can someone who eats so “well” fall ill, and have such precise ongoing symptoms?”

All of a sudden, it hit me.

The food Elizabeth was ingesting needed a closer look. She was eating delicious homemade eggplant stews and vegetable soups for lunch, and succulent salads for dinner. When asking local farmers what they used to grow such perfect produce, they all admitted to using fertilizers & pesticides.

“We use Roundup like everyone else” one farmer claimed.

I was already confident these local farmers were not regulated by the FDA or any other agricultural organization, so I asked Elizabeth to stop consuming local produce and instead, try organic produce for a short while. Even though taking such a step was obviously going to be more expensive, since the locally sourced fruits and veggies cost us very little at the Webster Farmers Market, I felt this was a test worth taking.

After only a couple of days, Lizzy’s headaches went away, as did her intestinal pain. It’s now been over a week since she’s been off the Roundup tainted lettuce, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, melons and whatnot, and I’m glad to share this information with you today.

If you’re consuming a large amount of locally sourced fruit and veggies and are experiencing headaches or intestinal pain, I suggest you take a break from it all and try eating organic instead. Who knows? You might be suffering from a case of Roundup buildup also!


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