headaches from Roundup

Massive Headaches – A Roundup Side Effect?

At Glorious Acres, we try and feed our family the best food we can. Elizabeth and I have taken the time to educate ourselves and our daughters through thorough research on gardening, farming as well as holistic healing. One look at our family tells quite a lot about the way we eat and of course, […]

Brooksville Farmers Market debut

Our First Day At The Brooksville Farmers Market

Today was our first time setting up at the Farmers Market downtown historic Brooksville, FL. Although we got rained out, and received a refund for our space rental, I have to say the girls, Elizabeth and I feel pretty good about the success we experienced during the 3 hours we were there. One thing we […]

Hernando County Fair Baking Competition

Our Entries For The 2019 Hernando County Fair Baking Competition

We had an exciting time this past week when we prepared our entries for the 2019 Hernando County Fair Baking Competition, including breads, muffins, cookies and of course, brownies! Here are a few of our entries this year: [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”2019 Hernando County Fair Baking Competition”] What started out as a way to get free […]

Is Farmed Salmon Toxic?

Why Eating Fish Is Worst Than Fast Food…

Fish is becoming a fast growing part of the human diet. Unfortunately, over-fishing has depleted many fish stocks, and the proposed solution, fish farming on a global scale is creating far more problems for those who rely on farmed fish as a source of protein and omega-3 fatty acid. As most studies show fish farms […]