Our First Day At The Brooksville Farmers Market

Today was our first time setting up at the Farmers Market downtown historic Brooksville, FL. Although we got rained out, and received a refund for our space rental, I have to say the girls, Elizabeth and I feel pretty good about the success we experienced during the 3 hours we were there.

One thing we found out is, setting up at a farmers market is quite different than setting up a “yerd sale” which we have done successfully many times in the past.

From figuring out and setting up our canopy, which I wanted to do at least once before Sunday but never got around to it, to hanging pallet wood signs on a piece of metal roofing we forgot at home, I’ll admit setting up was quite challenging since I couldn’t have a helper run to the shed or my workbench to get me a tool or a bungee cord.

Never the less, I call our half day at the Brooksville Farmers Market a complete success!

It was not only a learning experience, we also sold soap, delicious jumbo muffins, cowboy coffee, banana bread, brownies and a few loaves of our award winning (including Best Of Show!) artisan bread.

Now that we have our first outing under our belt, we’re ready to take on other venues we hope will produce more sales and boost awareness to our website and social media presence.

Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more (and better) videos in the months ahead as we endeavor to grow our homestead business, for God’s glory!


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