How To Make Artisan Soap

Today we’ll show you how to make goat milk, honey and Shea butter artisan soap using only 7 super healthy ingredients:

> 4.7 oz Distilled Water –
> 1 oz Organic Goat Milk –
> 1 tsp Organic Honey –
> 17 oz Organic Olive Oil –
> 2 oz Organic Shea Butter –
> 3 tsps Organic Ground Oats –
> 2.4 oz Sodium Hydroxide –

Here are the tools you’ll need to make DIY artisan soap:

> Stick Blender –
> Food Safe Gloves –
> Eye Protection –
> Plastic Mixing Spoon –
> Easy Pour Mixing Bowl –

Lastly, here are step-by-step instructions to teach you how to make artisan soap in just a few minutes:

1. Measure out 4.7 oz of ice cold water in pitcher
2. Measure out 2.4 oz of Lye
3. Slowly add and stir the Lye to the water & set aside
4. Pour oil (and Shea butter) in mixing bowl and heat for 90 seconds to melt the Shea butter and other solid ingredients. Add fragrance oil (optional).
5. Add the room temperature milk to the oil, then add honey and blend. Let solution come to room temperature.
6. Add the water & Lye mixture and bring soap solution to trace.
7. Add the oatmeal.
8. Pour soap mix into mold, tap mold to remove air bubbles and wait 24 hours.
9. After 24 hours, take soap bars out of the mold and let sit/dry for 30 days before use.


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