What’s Better For You? Glorious Acres Eggs or FDA Approved Eggs?

farm fresh brown eggs

Earlier today a friend of mine shared a video he felt I would appreciate: How It’s Made – Eggs.

I’ve been a huge fan of “How It’s Made” videos for over 10 years seeing how much their videos taught me and my daughters about the way things are made, however when it came to this production, I took great offense to the information therein.

First off, this episode of “How It’s Made” focuses on inhumane mass egg production and chicken slaughter, rather than organic, righteous harvesting. It’s obvious to me the hens are caged egg producers, and the resulting product are not eggs but a twisted, ungodly derivative of the real thing.

Want my take on this?

OK. Here’s how I feel about people who cage animals and feed them their own feces so they can optimally profit from animal cruelty & maximize their harvest: You are pure evil!

You can quote me on that.

Whatever you do moving forward, when you buy eggs, support local organic farmers who do what’s right for their animals and bring glory to God…

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