What’s Better For You? Glorious Acres Eggs or FDA Approved Eggs?

Earlier today a friend of mine shared a video I should have appreciated: How It’s Made – Eggs.

I’ve been a huge fan of “How It’s Made” videos for over 10 years seeing how much their videos taught me and my daughters about the way things are made, however when it came to this production, I took great offense to the information therein.

First of, this episode of “How It’s Made” focuses on inhumane mass egg production and chicken slaughter, rather than organic, righteous harvesting. It’s obvious to me the hens are caged egg producers, and the resulting product are not eggs but a derivative of the real thing.

Want my take on this?

OK. Here’s how I feel about people who cage animals and feed them their own crap so they can optimally profit from their life & maximize their harvest: Meet my friend Mr. 20 gauge, open your mouth, you win!

You can quote me on that.

Are you in the business of harvesting animal’s blessings at the price of harming them? If so, it is my hope and prayer you will repent, or I am confident and hopeful we will soon meet and let God decide your fate, because I have zero love loss for those who trespass on God’s creatures. He’s blessed me with awesome guns, and those who betray Him have their names written on a rainbow of 380 rounds, 20 gauge shells or better yet, .22 long range sniper bullets that pierce through a skull like a hot knife through butter.

Be good. Or be a good target. Either way, God wins.

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