The Newest Addition To Our Homestead: Two Bucklings Named Diamond & Buckeye

Today I wanted to introduce the newest arrivals on our Florida homestead. Meet Diamond & Buckeye!

New Kid Buckling

These cute little guys were born only a few days ago, but they were not quite presentable until today. The first few days goat kids are born, they’re covered in birth fluids then other undesired dried up body fluids (and solids).

So when God provided beautiful weather and when the kids were up and awake from their constant napping, I snapped a few shots and captured their playful essence…

Our plan for these bucks is to nurse them for the next few months, then sell them so we can keep milking their mom, Whoopsie who’s our herd’s matriarch at only 6 years old. God willing, we’ll be drawing between 1/2 gallon to a full gallon of fresh goat milk every day for about one year, which we’ll drink, use the milk to make goat milk artisan soap and lotion and of course, make delicious cheese curds with the sweet, creamy farm fresh milk. #TGBTG

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