NEW! A Safe Lid Assembly For Your Hand Held Milking System

I give praise to God for my newest invention: A user friendly, safe lid assembly for hand held milking pumps.

hand milking machine lid assembly

Custom Build Milking System Lid Assembly

Until just a few days ago, we were using the original Dansha Farms lid assembly that’s held together using an epoxy type compound (blob) that we never trusted as being food grade.

dansha farms hand held milking system blob

The Dansha Farms hand held milking system blob

Even though Dansha Farms owner Dan Beffa claimed the polyurethane became food grade when it set, since it never really set for us, I felt I needed to come up with a solution…

Compare to my lid assembly that can easily be taken apart for cleaning and sanitizing:

Removable, Replaceable Food Grade Parts

Removable, Replaceable Food Grade Parts

How easy is it to take my lid assembly apart? Watch the video below to find out…


So there you have it! A simple solution to a toxic problem.

Interested in purchasing one of my lid assemblies? CLICK HERE to order your now!

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  1. So is yours made out of plastic? and is it oil free plastic? Just curious as I am looking for something like this with a powered battery.

    • Cindy, seriously, who cares if the plastic has oil in it… Did you ever see (or smell) the stuff Dansha Farms put under THEIR lids? I have. It’s NASTY stuff!!!!! These lid assemblies are so much better…

  2. Love your homesteading blog, the only bad thing is I wish you published more posts!!! Thanks for sharing your concerns with the Dansha Farms milker, I bought one over a year ago and never trusted the “blob” you so precisely described in this post. Do you by chance sell the lid assembly by itself?

  3. I ordered this milker lid assembly and am very happy with it. I really enjoy how all the parts can be removed and cleaned.

    • Hi Jim, indeed, for over a year, all our milking systems now come with rubber washers on each side to ensure the best seal possible. We’ll need to update our videos to that effect soon. Great input!

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